Crab Dishes Party in Sea View Restaurant

Pesta Kepiting

Do you like crab dishes?

Want to enjoy crab dishes are different from usual? Of course, with a amazing and spectacular concept. Come on, visit Parai Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan.

Starting in February through April 2017, Parai Teleng Ria Beach resort presents a party of crab dishes at the Sea View Restaurant and Kampoeng Nelayan. There are five variants of crab dishes that you can try in here. Starting from Kepiting Saus Singapura, Kepiting Saus Thailand, Gulai Kepiting, Kepiting Pindang dan Soup Cream Kepiting.

Are you interested with our special menu? Please visit to Sea View Restaurant and Kampoeng Nelayan in Parai Teleng Ria Beach Resort. Enjoy the sensation of eating crab with seaside atmosphere and amazing concept. Here is the nutritional content of the crab that we get from the source of nutrition information, publications Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia as well as other sources.

Nama Bahan Makanan : Kepiting

Banyaknya Kepiting yang diteliti (Food Weight) = 100 gr

Bagian Kepiting yang dapat dikonsumsi (Bdd / Food Edible) = 45 %

Jumlah Kandungan Energi Kepiting = 151 kkal

Jumlah Kandungan Protein Kepiting = 13,8 gr

Jumlah Kandungan Lemak Kepiting = 3,8 gr

Jumlah Kandungan Karbohidrat Kepiting = 14,1 gr

Jumlah Kandungan Kalsium Kepiting = 210 mg

Jumlah Kandungan Fosfor Kepiting = 250 mg

Jumlah Kandungan Zat Besi Kepiting = 1 mg

Jumlah Kandungan Vitamin A Kepiting = 200 IU

Jumlah Kandungan Vitamin B1 Kepiting = 0,05 mg


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