LIFE GUARD TEAM figure, beach security guard in Telengria

Life Guard

Parai Telengria beach located in the Sidoharjo village, Pacitan district. It is really close to downtown Pacitan, you only need to travel a distance of 3 km journey just to be able to arrive at the beach. Parai Telengria beach is also one in a row of the south coast of Java Island which is directly bordering the Indian Ocean. Beach with relatively gentle relief which has an area of ​​about 40 hectares with a coastline reaching up to 2.5 km. The beach almost every time visited by tourists is also equipped with hotels, restaurants, waterpark and other supporting facilities.

Visitor safety is a top priority of everything, so that the rule of manager in Parai Telengria. Because that in this beach we recognize the LIFE GUARD TEAM. Want to know what it is LIFE GUARD? let’s review the details.

Stocky and alert, always alert the condition of the beach which was full of visitors that is visible when we meet with the TEAM LIFE GUARD at the beach. Wearing orange uniforms and rescue embedded in the body of some young men showed that they were indeed of RESCUE TEAM who is always ready to control the condition of the beach. Her crowded visitors and happiness in a very crowded beach area should be coupled with the readiness and preparedness of the LIFE GUARD TEAM. When it seems there are visitors who started playing beach outside safe limits, then from this LIFE GUARD TEAM immediately alert provides warning and immediate action if necessary. This makes visitors are very comfortable to play in Teleng Ria Beach.

The parents were not so worried when their children play with the sand and the waves were surging beautiful in this beach, because they see the readiness and alertness of LIFE GUARD TEAM extraordinary always maintain and monitor Parai Telengria Beach area. To LIFE GUARD team,thanks our wonderful and safe holiday.

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