Taman Rekreasi Indonesia Exhibition (Jogja City Mall 12 – 15 October 2017)

TRI Jogjakarta

Parai Telengria Pacitan has participated in BIG EVENT Taman Rekreasi Indonesia Exhibition organized by PUTRI (Perhimpunan usaha taman rekreasi Indonesia) at Jogja City Mall which took place from 12 to 15 October 2017. In the exhibition that was held also present Dr. Johnnie Sugiarto M.Sc, CEO of EL JOHN INDONESIA and Chairman of Perhimpunan usaha taman rekreasi Indonesia (PUTRI).

The Regional Executive Board (DPD) of Rekreasi Indonesia (PUTRI) DIY Business Association spearheaded the Indonesian Recreational Festival. The exhibition place of recreation held October 12-15 at Jogja City Mall (JCM) is aimed at promoting and developing tourism destinations in the country. Chairman of DPD PUTRI DIY, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu (GKR) Bendara said, this festival is the first time held in both DIY and nasinal level. DIY was chosen because it has many attractions. A total of 36 booths are involved not only from DIY but other areas, such as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and Telengria Beach Pacitan. Meanwhile from DIY came from Gembira Loka Zoo, Taman Pintar, Keraton Jogja, and Bakpiapia and Cokelat Ndalem by Bakpiapia’s booth. GKR Bendara admitted, recreation place in DIY itself is growing. “Currently there are 180 attractions. As many as 50 percent new emerging last five years. Most of the attractions are self-help community, “he said in a press conference before the opening of Recreation Festival Indonesia in JCM, Friday (13/10/2017). Community-based tourism destinations are mostly found in Gunungkidul and Kulonprogo. The existence of attractions in these two areas was developed to flatten the tourists who had been concentrated in the city center.

More Info : http://www.solopos.com/2017/10/13/mau-tahu-objek-objek-wisata-menarik-di-indonesia-datang-saja-ke-festival-kreasi-di-jcm-859621

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