Waterpark – Parai Beach Resort Telengria Pacitan

Kampoeng Aeir Waterpark

Kampoeng Aeir water park Parai Telengria Pacitan is the only water park widest in Pacitan. Kampoeng aeir waterpark is a playground for children that contain elements of education. Inside the waterpark there are many water rides that make the lovers of the water became very happy and comfortable in this place. Security at this place was also very well preserved thanks to the pool guard were always on alert to monitor the game process performed by the sons and daughters while in the waterpark. So for those of you who visit here to bring your family or your sons and daughters, you do not have to worry about it.

Kampoeng aeir waterpark there are several rides including a children’s pool and an adult pool, ria orchid’s , mini zoo (animal park), and a playground for children. To visit these rides in the kampoeng aeir waterpark been provided directions so that you can follow the directional arrows in order to arrive at the vehicle in question. For those who want to learn to swim, there are teleng ria swiming club, which opened in swimming lessons to visitors. So for those of you who can not swim can use this facility.

Kampoeng aeir waterpark also provide a place to change clothes, toilet and prayer. In addition to the above facilities, for visitors entering these rides can enjoy a variety of special menu at canteen 88 that provides a variety of cuisines, such as meatballs 88, cassava cheese out of tuna, and so forth. It also provided a variety of refreshing beverages such as iced grass jelly, various juices, various kinds of tea and many other beverages both hot and cold.

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