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Sea View Restaurant presents a variety of exceptional menu for you. All the menus contained in this restaurant is the result of experienced chefs are able to present the cuisine with a very high taste.

The menu is the main weapon for a restaurant, as well as the sea view restaurant provides various menu mainstay with exceptional taste. Here we provide 5 models include a food menu there is fresh grilled seafood, oriental food, western food, light meal, and special packages. Grilled fresh seafood menu for meals provided include BBQ Mahi-mahi, Marlin BBQ, shrimp, carp, squid, Black Tail and so forth. For more information you can visit the official blog of the sea view restaurant or go to the download page on the web for download lists menu on sea view restaurant. As for beverages provided include a variety of coffee, various juices, a variety of tea, a variety of processed coconut, and soft drinks and mocktails other.