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HUT Parai Beach Resort Telengria ke 10


Do not miss. The Doorprize Draw and the 10th Anniversary event of Parai Beach Resort Telengria Pacitan Wins the main prize of two Mio Motorcycles and dozens of other door prizes. Also enlivened by the Live Music Dangdut “MADU 3″ along with the famous artist artist Pacitan.

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Big Event 2018 Festival

Featured Lebaran

This year BIG EVENT LEBARAN 2018 took place very lively. The concept of an entertainment event combined with Live Music Dangdut is very spectacular. Supported also with water rides Kampoeng Aeir Waterpark which is the largest waterpark in Pacitan Regency which has various rides ranging from Children swimming Pool, Adult Pool, Play Pool, Spill Tub, Slider, Kiddy Pool, Mini Zoo, Green House, Kampoeng clothes, Locker room , Kids Toys and Canteen 88. Lets visit to the Parai Beach Resort Telengria in Pacitan  East java.

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Happy Eid 1438 H (Parai Beach Resort Telengria)

Ucapan Idul Fitri

Without feeling all passed away so fast as well as this year’s ramadan, it’s over soon but this heart still feels homesick, to God we must pray as Ramadan starts to go, that is “May we meet again Ramadan fasting Next year amen”, This sadness will not lasts a long time because after a full month we’ve been stifling lust and hunger now comes the anticipated moment that encounters the day of victory. All Management and Employees of Parai Beach Resort Telengria Pacitan wish you a celebration of Idul Fitri 1439 H. We are sorry to be born and inner.

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Watch the world cup 2018

Featured Nobaar

Lets watch the world cup at Parai Beach Resort Telengria Pacitan, Enjoy free wifi facilities. Parai Beach Resort Telengria becomes one of the official holder of the 2018 World Cup rights in Russia. So guaranteed HD quality and uninterrupted. While watching you can also enjoy a cup of coffee and light meal at Marina Waroeng Kopi Pacitan. In addition you can get facilities such as wide screen, good sound quality and free wifi as a facility that is presented to you fans of the ball. Please watch the world cup immediately in MARINA starting on Thursday 14 June 2018.

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Big Event Semarak Idul Fitri 1439 H

Semarak Idul Fitri 1438 H featured

Be Eyewitness Witness Idul Fitri 1439 H at Parai Beach Resort Telengria Pacitan. Watch the stage entertainment festivities of the dangdut live show on 17 – 19 June 2018 with guest star Ika Berliana, Reza Amelia with Kincer Areva Music host. And also watch Live Show Electone festivities on June 20 – 24, 2018. Entrance Ticket includes FREE to Kampoeng Aeir Waterpark. Come on, lets play, dancing and singing in Parai Beach Resort Telengria Pacitan.

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Parai Pacitan New Year Party 2018


At the turn of the new year 2018, Parai Beach Resort – Telengria pacitan hosts a series of Parai Beach Resort New Year Party events packed in lantern dinner event alongside the beachside accompanied by a very lively music event. The event, which was attended by the CEO of EL JOHN Indonesia, Mr Johnnie Sugiharto, took place very lively and as a moment of spectacular new year turn.

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Taman Rekreasi Indonesia Exhibition (Jogja City Mall 12 – 15 October 2017)

TRI Jogjakarta

Parai Telengria Pacitan has participated in BIG EVENT Taman Rekreasi Indonesia Exhibition organized by PUTRI (Perhimpunan usaha taman rekreasi Indonesia) at Jogja City Mall which took place from 12 to 15 October 2017. In the exhibition that was held also present Dr. Johnnie Sugiarto M.Sc, CEO of EL JOHN INDONESIA and Chairman of Perhimpunan usaha taman rekreasi Indonesia (PUTRI).

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Anniversary of 9th Parai Telengria Pacitan

HUT Parai 9

ATTEND AND WATCH THE LARGEST EVENT IN THE MONTH, The Anniversary of 9th Parai Telengria Pacitan. In order to commemorate the 9th anniversary of PARAI TELENGRIA, Parai Telengria Beach Resort organizes BIG EVENT PARTY. Get the prize voucher soon to be drawn On 17 September 2017 at Main Stage Parai Telengria Pacitan.

Take home the two grand prizes of Yamaha Mio Motorcycles, two mountain bikes, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and many more great prizes.

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Big Event Special Lebaran 2017


Big Event Lebaran Parai Teleng Ria Pacitan is very special for you. You can play with your family or friend in here. In this place you can find the big stage, kampoeng aeir waterpark, kampoeng cemara, mini zoo, ria orchid and many more. Lets visit to the Parai Teleng Ria Beach Resort.

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