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Kampoeng Nelayan is a multi-function room on the beach with a very interesting sight. On the east side we can see a greatfull and beautiful gunung limo mountain, while in the west looks great sentono gentong mountain. In the south kampoeng nelayan provides a beach umbrella table near the shoreline so that it will spoil the visitors who will enjoy the sunset and sunrise at parai teleng ria.

Kampoeng nelayan in accordance with the given name is a traditional building Java (like the house and the neighborhood of the fishermen) is packed with some of the modern concept of making a magnificent building, the classic and beautiful. In this building looked a few tools that are often used by the fishermen neat to decorate the room. Room design in the place uses the concepts and materials are nice add to the comfort of visitors and makes you always want to linger in this place. If you are curious you can visit kampoeng nelayan only in parai teleng ria beach resort.

As an addition to the warm atmosphere of kampoeng nelayan also provide a full menu of typical dishes that you can only find here. The mainstay who served in kampoeng nelayan among others, is a bebek goreng and bebek goreng sambel ijo. Addition there are also beef steak, fish steak and some other snacks. For drinks menu provided include ginger cinnamon, lemon and cinnamon, strawberry tea etc. In there you can also find paket raja seafood that you can enjoy with your family for 5-6 people. The variety of menu you can enjoy to see the beauty of the natural landscape and waves coast in the vicinity of kampoeng nelayan.

In the weekend kampoeng nelayan also presents live music, while for those of you who are good at playing music, on every night kampoeng nelayan leave the facility in the form of a stand music that consists of several music and sound system that you can use to play music just a hobby or entertaining family, friends or your lover.



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