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Parai Teleng Ria provide of place features can be selected according to your needs

  1. Pendopo Budaya Pacitan
    Where to eat right on the beach with the concept joglo and traditional menu
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  2. Sea View Restaurant.
    Oriental Food Restaurant concept with lots of seating options that ensure the comfort and privacy
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  3. Pandan Kurung Metting Room.
    Meeting Room space with a maximum capacity of 200 people
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  4. Surfing Bay Cottages.
    Hotel yang selangkah menuju pantai
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  5. Kampoeng Aeir Water Park,
    Water Park with the facilities and complete wahana
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  6. BBQ On the Beach,
    Enjoying Barbeque menu on the beach
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  7. Warung Kopi Pacitan,
    The only coffee shop with dipacitan
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  8. Orchid Garden,
    The beauty of orchids
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  9. Mini Zoo,
    Various animals child learning tool
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