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Coffe Shop ? Yes, you have often heard it not .. But Waroeng Coffee on the Coast? Only in our place .. You are curious ?? Now there .. MARINA Coffe Shop Pacitan. A populist place, with a priceless price, is at the edge of Teleng Ria Beach. In this place the coffee menu can be found with prices ranging from Rp. 5000. Very Cheap is not it? In addition, from 18:00 to 00.00 Entrance ticket for FREE area … It is very very very cheap.

In addition you can get cheap hot coffee, this place also comes with several LIGHT MEAL menus ready to accompany you with a cup of coffee. Talk about the place, no doubt, the place here is very fun, beautiful, romantic and suitable for all ages, good jokes with your family, friends, friends or lovers. Because the place is so beautiful it is no wonder where we are used widely for selfie. We also provide free wifi facilities for you. It’s not complete, from OK Menu, Price OK, OK Place, OK Facility. Everything is in our place. YOU CURIOUS ?? It’s not time to be curious. Now is your time to prove yourself, Visit MARINA Waroeng Kopi immediately at Parai Telengria Pacitan.